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Founder Amanda McCarthy has a huge interest in balancing one’s body through massage, fitness and mindset. Amanda believes through switching your muscles back on and reactivates the body’s function to its full potential. Using remedial massage and fitness to re-strengthen and increase muscle strength, the aim of balancing the body is achieved.


Amanda’s long term experience of 15 years of Remedial Therapy, Personal Training and Mindset coaching shines through her treatments. With her thorough sporting background and knowledge of the body she understands the needs and wants of people from their body. She came up with the concept and business name “ Balance Therapy Massage and Fitness” through massage & fitness we can balance our body back to shape and functionality.


Amanda’s clients range from various sporting teams and elite athletes. Which consist of cyclists, olympians, motor sport drivers, martial arts, triathletes, power lifters, to the busy corporate worker, CEO’s, mums & dads, teenage athletes, weekend warriors, the elderly and children.


Amanda’s sporting background consists of gymnastics, tennis, touch football, triathlons, cycling and power lifting.



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